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Design Group Latinamerica is a growing service platform which offers an exclusive range of benefits for the comprehensive development of interior and exterior architectural projects. Under our philosophy that each space is a work of personal art, we design our clients’ dream spaces with a wide range of European products, representing more than 300 design firms.

Thanks to the consolidation and strengthening of our exclusive business model, the DGLA team has been involved in a total of 102 projects in 2019, which total an astonishing 9000 of designed spaces. Under this premise, our talented design team selected the most utilized and high quality products of 2019 which firmly represent the ideology and aesthetics of the company.


Cotto D’Este, Pietra D’Iseo

The Ceppo Stone, formed between the rocks of Mount Clemo and the waters of Lake Iseo, is characterized by the presence of great encrusted pebbles and was widely utilized in the construction of palaces, villas and monuments which embody the historical aesthetic identity of the city of Milan.

PietraD’Iseo recaptures the feel of the traditional Lombard stonework, seeing as its irregular design and its diverse grey tones is able to transmit with absolute fidelity the elegance and character of Ceppo di Gre.

CottoD’Este combined the texture, the material and the essence in order to offer a complete design solution in interiors as well as exteriors in PietraD’Iseo.

Project Apt MZ, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Florim, Art Work

Florim transforms the ancient art of Venetian tradition and with Art Work, brings us a new school of informed and reasoned design. The small fragments of materials and color which revolve around three main tones, outline a stylized texture which radiates personality.

The inspired glassy inlays are composed of irregular geometric shapes and its style finds itself halfway between a Venetian terrace and patterns characterized by the Memphis style popularized in 1980s Milan, creating an inarguable display of personality.

Project Apt JP, Montevideo, Uruguay.

Project Apt CDP A21, Lecheria, Venezuela.

CEDIT, Archeologie

Franco Guerzoni, an experienced painter with profound technical knowledge, created a perfect balance between a space’s dimension and the intense lyricism of color in “Archeologie”. The surfaces of the porcelanic stoneware embody a new and extraordinary portion of space, where a subtle shade of color emerges delicately in the dazzling white of the mortar’s surface.

 The artist comments that “the wall is like a book to leaf through. A trip to the interior which reflects traces of what’s been lived: memories, signs, symbols; all that the fragment of wall has recollected throughout the centuries.”

We are admirers of this new pictorial definition where the surface encounters the balance between the complex and measured idea of the composition and lyricism of color.

Bisazza, Lace Cement Tiles

Bisazza is a world leader in the production of mosaics for interior and exterior decoration. These handmade tiles are an excellent decorative solution which denote personality and expressiveness; showcasing a classic style with a hint of contemporaneity in any of its applications. With its enchanting blueish tone and its timeless pattern, this product combines the value of design with the charm of natural craftsmanship.

Project Apt VLoft, Maracaibo, Venezuela.


Rimadesio, Velaria

Rimadesio’s philosophy advocates extreme stylistic simplicity reinforced by a profound technical investigation specialized in finishings. Velaria is a tangible representation of this ideology, being a sliding door realized with the utmost geometric rigor and possesses the unmistakable aesthetic of the brand.

The Velaria panels are tailor made with a razor thin aluminum structural profile which fully exploits the aesthetic characteristics exclusive to Rimadesio glassware.

Rimadesio, Stripe.

Another one of Rimadesio’s fantastic creations, Stripe is a solution which offers a high graphical value. The horizontal struts give a certain rhythm to light that passes through glass panels of varying opacity, making it appropriate for any part of the house.

This product clearly shows that when avant-garde technology is coupled with an ideal concept, functionality and aesthetics aren’t necessarily mutually exclusive.

Project Showroom DGLA + Livosmart, Maracaibo, Venezuela.


Flos, Running Magnet.

If the future is now, what will be tomorrow’s illumination?

Flos’ vision is based on the premise that there must always be entirely new types of illumination. “Running Magnet” is a clear demonstration that technology and its strides are changing that landscape of illumination and design. Its concept fully blends with its architectural environment thanks to the total integration of the luminaries which can disappear within the surfaces. The magnetic fastening of the “Running Magnet” allows for movement even when switched on, achieving significant flexibility and adaptability for the illumination design’s configuration.

Project Mallorquina, Maracaibo, Venezuela.


Moooi, Heracleum

Moooi is renowned for creating products which show a fascination for technique, structure, pattern and color. What started as an experiment, the decorative lamp Heracleum proved to be a challenge for both the designer and the manufacturer, ultimately surpassing the limits established by the brand.

The lamp, inspired by the plant Heracleum, consists white leaves that delicately branch off, creating a very technical and natural structure. This design was possible thanks to the innovative and recently perfected technology of Marcel Wanders. Had this technique not existed, this structure would have been impossible with regular cables.

Flos, Captain Flint

Designed by Michael Anastassiades, this lamp encompasses the essence of the design, minimalism. This standing lamp has an elegant and refined expression which adapts to any interior with ease.

The round base of the marble adds a luxurious touch to the design, highlighting the contemporary fusion of culture and aesthetics that its designer defends in their concepts.4

Project Apto CDP A21, Lechería, Venezuela.


Valcucine, Forma Mentis.


For more than 35 years, Valcucine has excelled in the kitchen sector thanks to its dedication in satisfying the needs of its users, taking into consideration comfort, innovation and long term durability.

Forma Mentis is a collection whose form and texture have been studied in order to combine aesthetic purity and practicality in usage, focusing on the pleasure of everyday life as its raison d’etre.

Valcuicne designs readymade kitchens in order to accompany the client through the course of their life: impermeable to trends, timeless. Forma Mentis is the clear representation of this ideology.

Project Apt CDP A21, Lechería, Venezuela.

Astra, K18 Vela System


Astra has relied on its quality, planification and design to be one of the pioneers in the global kitchen market. Its model K18 System is characterized by the relevance of modularity, attention to detail and distinctive chromatic combinations, allowing the development of a minimalist, modern and unique design. Its brilliant white laminated surface allows it to project light to its surroundings, transforming the kitchen into the star of the domestic space.

Project Apt VLoft, Maracaibo, Venezuela.


Rimadesio, Cover


Cover renews the concept of wardrobe design, utilizing a fastening system equipped with glass or porcelain doors. Like all Rimadesio systems, Cover presents some exclusive characteristics such as studs with an invisible calibration system in 3 directions, which allows a perfect door leveling.

The shelves, perches, trays and drawers are fixed to the studs with a binder system without any visible screws, which allows for long term free and easy adjustment.

When the technical investigation is directed to achieve maximum stylistic simplicity and elegance, products such as Cover is the result: being characterized by extreme quality, technology and aesthetics.

Project Apto PHC, Valencia, Venezuela.

Novamobili, Ben

Novamobili distinguishes itself in the world of furnishing with their values of modularity, flexibility and transversality. This is a clear expression of an artisanal tradition which continues in a technologically advanced company which constantly studies new solutions for furniture capable of satisfying the needs for a contemporary lifestyle.

The cabin wardrobe Ben counts on a modern and modular design which can be equipped with drawers, shelves, angular modules, hanging bar, among others. This wardrobe is distinguished not only by its beautiful minimalist design, but also due to its capacity to build spaces around the objects we wish to have alongside us.

Project Apto VLoft, Maracaibo, Venezuela.


Living Divani, Rabbit and the Tortoise Collection tables


Living Diviani embarked on a process where where they created a fully fleshed out lifestyle which revolves around their wide range of products: sofas, armchairs, beds and complements. The common denominator of the brand is the harmony and delicateness of forms, praising linearity and formal pulchritude; a characteristic which would define any space in the most varied and eclectic manner.

The tables belonging to the collection, Rabbit and the Tortoise, can be seamlessly integrated thanks to their harmonious proportions and their feeling of discrete luxuriousness, decorating any home with elegance and joy.

Project Casa Magna, Maracaibo, Venezuela.

Moroso, Poltrona Paper Planes

Paper Planes was conceived from the design of a fabric inspired by graph paper: a functional sculpture which explores forms and structures, producing corners, lines and polygons.

This armchair is cozy and enveloping reading spot, which despite being resistant, is surprisingly light. In spite of its projection of apparent simplicity, it requires a masterful sartorial skill which allows for a minimal margin of error.

Project Casa Magna, Maracaibo, Venezuela.

Minotti, Sofá Freeman.


After idealizing the space and developing the ideal environment, we automatically thought of its complement: the great sofa.

As it is, it is already a protagonical component of an ordinary living room, imagine what this sofa can do for a space. With its aesthetic personality, elegant proportions and incomparable comfort, it is one of the favored choices for our projects. Freeman possesses a comforting design and particularly sophisticated construction details which turns it into the star when the time comes to enjoy some private intimacy or to receive friends in an elegant yet comfortable environment.

Project Apt MZ, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Sovet, Gocce Di Rugiada mirrors

Gocce di Rugiada is a collection of mirrors consisting of soft and delicate lines which resemble the sliding of dewdrops on autumn leaves. This concept works alongside the panel in its posterior which allows for a 360 degree rotation, permits an infinite amount of harmonious combinations that generate a refined ambience with fascinating contrasts.

Project Apto CDP A21, Lechería, Venezuela.

GAN, Alfombra Kilim Mosaïek


Rugs can be paramount at the moment of determining how a space is perceived. Mosaīek, a rug with a design scheme brimming with vitality, provides a tacit component which redefines the concept of habitability.

What makes this product special is not only its harmonic and adaptable design, but its great attention to detail. The intrinsic value from it being carefully handmade and with natural fibers, distinguishes and defines this rug.

Project Apto CDP A21, Lechería, Venezuela.

Project Apto CDPA21, Lechería, Venezuela.


Antonio Lupi, Simplo wash basin


At first view, one notices that Antonio Lupi did not create any regular sink; its notable aesthetic presence is characterized by its impacting design and functionality. The collection Simplo contains complementary elements such as its diagonal or parallel divisions with thin edges, which denote formality and elegance. For us, it is a long term perspective which transcends a conventional experience of the bathroom and the home in general.

Moab 80, Zero 20 wash basin


What attracts us the most to Zero 20 isn’t only its minimalist and modern geometric composition, but its interesting production. Moab 80 utilizes cement, lime, new and recycled wood which fuse with polished metals and industrial glass. This results in a contemporary composition of forms and colors which enliven any space.

Project Oficina DGLA Lechería, Venezuela.


Gessi, Goccia

Gessi’s mission is to have everyday life be transformed into a pleasant routine through the implementation of objects with extraordinary beauty and functionality. What attracts us the most to the employment of their products is not just their incomparable style, but their high level of ethical responsibility in regard to their relationship to the natural environment.

Goccia is the epitome of a feeling of luxury which achieves a feeling of elegance and glamour of the objects, as well as counting on avant-garde technology which can save up to 50% of water without altering the functionality of the faucet.

Project Novo 92, Apto 202, Bogotá, Colombia.


Foster, Cloud 90

The extractor hood plays a fundamental role to conserve an agreeable environment and contributes to the pleasure of living and cooking in the kitchen.

Foster created Cloud 90 with the purpose of simulating the aesthetic appearance of furniture, meeting the canons of modern design. With an efficient performance and high quality craftmanship, Cloud 90 is destined to guarantee the highest standard of living without compromising sustainability and environmental impact.

Foster, S4000 Induction Bridge 7390 245


The design standard kitchens fully made in Italy create the best cooking systems which are distinguished by their great functionality, professional performance and energy efficiency.

The cooking hood S4000 belongs to a high range of products whose main objective is to develop the perfect combination between efficiency and design. All operations can be programmed through the usage of tactile control on its surface as well as the most modern and sophisticated security. On top of this, all the induction plates detect the pots that rest on top of them, allowing a high energy efficiency.

Project Apto CDP A21, Lechería, Venezuela.





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