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Houston: We opened our 1st Showroom in partnership with the renowned Italian company Arrital Kitchens.


Over the past 15 years our priority has been to perfect a work scheme that strategically balances creativity, functionality, aesthetics and durability; to provide our clients with efficient solutions that stand out not only for their apparent beauty, but also for their sustainability and ability to enrich everyday life.

However, all of this has been possible thanks to our significant partnerships with leading design firms around the world, which allow us to offer exclusive access to the latest trends and materials on the market, ensuring that every space we design is a masterpiece of innovation and good taste.

That being said, we are proud to announce that this coming March 7th, 2024 we will be opening our 1st Product Showroom in collaboration with Arrital Kitchens in Houston, USA.

Arrital: A partner focused on modern design

For more than 40 years, this Italian company has taken to the next level the development of frequently used household components, such as kitchens or storage systems; turning each of them into a backbone element for the comfort and full satisfaction of the user within specific spaces of the home.

However, its valuable interest in providing solutions that evoke emotions and optimize processes, along with the warmth behind each result and commitment to sustainability, align perfectly with DGLA’s mission to elevate the collective lifestyle.

Residential Project Apt N, Maracaibo, Venezuela

Why create this showroom in Houston?

As we have mentioned on numerous occasions, our mission is to provide guidance to each individual on how to materialize the home of their dreams. For that, our Arrital Showroom will be indispensable. Not only for being a meeting place to share ideas or to explore styles, but also to see up close all those products that in the medium or short term can be part of your home.

We started in Houston, but our vision extends to many cities and countries where we can provide support and consolidate new proposals that maximize comfort, personality and meet the needs of each individual.

Residential project apt. N402, Bogotá, Colombia

We want to remind you that our team of professionals is just a click away or, if you prefer, we can schedule a visit to our offices.



Residential architecture aims at the constant search for improvement in the quality of life of the individual, through innovative techniques that satisfy absolutely all their needs. That said, sound plays a crucial role in this scenario of comfort; and it is imperative to address strategies that appease the noise traffic and envelop the home in a serene atmosphere.

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