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Return to Classicism: Interior Design Trends Dominating 2023

The global transformations we’ve experienced have highlighted the importance of facing daily challenges. As a result, 2023’s interior design trends embrace sustainability, practicality, and originality, providing comprehensive solutions that extend beyond aesthetics to foster collective consciousness.

In the coming years, we anticipate a rise in organic forms, natural textures, materials, and eco-friendly tones, guided by the principle of “higher quality and less quantity.” This approach captures the essence of rational individuals intimately connected with their spaces. Embracing classicism doesn’t mean abandoning avant-garde trends; instead, it focuses on designing spaces prioritizing comfort and well-being through more emotionally resonant concepts.

Experts at Design Group Latin America have identified specific predictions for 2023 that emphasize naturalistic, harmonious, and user-friendly spaces:

Textured Components

Celebrating Sensory Perception in 2023, textured elements will become essential in home and interior space decoration, from pillows and sofas to bathroom wallpaper. These textures stimulate the psyche, fostering a more enjoyable experience by providing warmth, realism, and emotionality while promoting joy in rapidly changing lifestyles.

Nature’s Integration into Interior Spaces

Biophilic design will maintain prominence, emphasizing human well-being and reinforcing connections between humans and nature. Natural elements like plants, nature-inspired colors, and botanical prints will remain central to any decor, enhancing well-being and subtlety in various settings. This trend seamlessly adapts to diverse decorative styles, from classic minimalism to contemporary and understated.

Residential project Casa ADC, Maracaibo, Venezuela.

Reinterpreting Traditional Aesthetics

In recent years, interior design has evolved to embrace Art Deco-inspired trends over minimalism. In 2023, the shift towards traditional styles will be driven by the desire to create unique spaces using antique furniture, accessories, and other elements that showcase each location’s distinct character.

Sustainability as a Design Resurgence

Interior designers worldwide have started considering the implications of rapid consumption, developing designs that address ecological, economic, and social factors. This “awakening” in design perception promotes the conscious use of materials and objects. By 2023, this trend will impart richness, authenticity, and uniqueness to projects, fostering a mindset shift and contributing to collective and cultural awareness.

Enhancing Ambiance with Earth-Inspired Tones

Color is crucial in crafting attractive interior designs due to its impact on emotional states and comfort within a space. Earth-inspired shades will take center stage in 2023, fostering a deeper connection between living spaces and nature. These hues will range from pinks and oranges to classic beiges and taupes.

At DGLA, we can help you successfully incorporate these trends into your interior spaces, adhering to the highest quality standards. Contact us today!





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