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Last December 13th a live video conference took place which involved the personal participation of the various branches Design Group Latin America. The director of the company, Michele Casarin, presented the annual company management report which summarized the landmarks and achievements of 2019 as well as laid the groundwork for the 2020 strategic aims.

Casarin explained that this year the DGLA team worked in a total of 102 projects, demonstrating an operating capacity to generate more than 35 thousand square meters of design work and 1283 visualization renders. Additionally, the team completed 4 thousand square meters of construction in 55 projects as well as overseeing them during the logistic, civil works and installation phases, resulting in a total of 143 active projects.

As such, a total of 43 new projects were obtained during 2019, highlighting the growth in Commercial and Corporative projects. These are added to the expected quotas for residential turnkey projects which are habitually developed for particular clients.

As a way to stimulate the architects’ creative output, for the first time DGLA has featured the best projects of 2019 for the following categories: APT CDPA21 as Best Completed Project, LAV COFFEE BAR as Best Commercial Project, APT SAN MARINO as Best Residential Project, OFICINA U as best Corporative Project and finally ATLANTIC 360 as best Contract Project.

For Michele Casarin, the main achievement of 2019 was the consolidation and strengthening of DGLA’s unique and exclusive business model; a comprehensive service which aims to highlight the work of real estate developers, constructors and architects in respect to their competition, while offering a complete personalization of each space along with a plethora of benefits received by the beneficiaries of this alliance.

It is precisely thanks to the usage of technology that the synergistic participation of 72 people (which forms the team of professional work) is able to efficiently complete Contract Projects which conform to the DGLA standard. This is made complex by the attention to even the smallest detail in order to maximize personalization, including processes from design to logistics to the installation of thousands of products originating from 120+ factories for every occasion.

In respect to this, Casarin explained that in the Contract Projects the contractors can offer their clients a completed property utilizing the turnkey model thanks to a collaboration with DGLA. “We have developed various Contract Projects throughout the last two years in Aruba, Bogota, Lecheria and Valencia. Finally this year we have seen the results of this model with #EdificioNovo92, which is 90% completed and should be delivered in early 2020. This comes alongside #EdificioTDC which is in its second phase and should be completed by the end of 2020,” he claimed.

In respect to the expansion policy in the Latin American territory, Casarin also indicated that, “at an international level we have been able to consolidate DGLA branches in other countries, with our personnel trained and prepared under our standards to oversee projects and localized marketing strategies. All of this falls under the communicated plan to be applied in the first semester of 2020 where we will complete the consolidation of our current branches, “he added.

To this date, we have consolidated a physical presence in Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela, with a total of 3 branches. This has strengthened the management of its technical and logistical operations in new landscapes, developing in a total of 34 cities throughout 14 Latin American countries. Alongside 22 associated architects and creating 17 new strategic alliances with European producers we have been able to add new options and brands to the product catalogue.

Additionally, Design Group Latinamerica also marked and important precedent, with the formalization of DG Italia. This objective was proposed around 2018 for the formation of an international logistics company with Italian headquarters. This company began operations on April 1st 2019, resulting in widening the spectrum of offered services thus improving the efficiency of administrative work.

For Michele Casarin, “the experience has been positive: errors have been minimized, the efficiency of the work progress has increased significantly and the project completion times have considerably reduced.” He also expressed that “the main compromise for DG Italia is to continue to perfect its processes to make them more efficient and to bring containers at a quicker pace, with more efficiency, lower costs and an overseeing of merchandise before shipment.>

Design Group Latinamerica has implemented various strategies in 2020 to improve the organization’s current output and to strengthen the optimization of the technological infrastructure with the addition of new generation equipment as well as the inclusion of BIM in global management projects. The details regarding the new website and the brand’s graphic design were mentioned were mentioned as well.

The new digital presence of the brand surged as an initiative to maintain the services in the vanguard, as well as to improve the user experience. This is done by implementing a renovated sober and user friendly with a multimedia and interactive experience which allows for a virtual reality tour of all our projects. All of this is done while showing the company’s history, methodology and products used for each project.

In this subject, Casarin mentioned that DGLA has set itself up in the short term to offer a retail service to take advantage of an active sector of the market. “We are building an e-commerce website, an important investment for the company from a marketing standpoint since it allows our products to be known to our allies throughout Latin America. In 2020, we will have significant investment on our technological department to improve the efficiency of our processes in all its stages: design, logistics, procurement, construction.





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