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The 10 Stand-Out Exhibitions of Fuorisalone 2020

This year, the belated Fuorisalone 2020 is back in business after the troubles arising from the Covid 19 pandemic. Due to the unusual circumstances this year, most brands had to acclimatize to these new conditions and attempt to showcase their products and installations while maintaining a degree of relevance to the current trends in the design world, which have changed drastically due to the events of the previous few months. This year’s Fuorisalone attempts to bring designers from all over the world closer than ever before, by having the traditional in-situ installations while including a variety of digital tools that allow designers to view exhibitions from the comfort of their homes.

This year’s difficulties have served to boost the creative energies of these top Italian brands, as this year’s Fuorisalone is comparable to the best of the best. Here are Design Group Latinamerica’s favorite exhibitions and collections for this year’s installment:

Glamora – A Waterproof Painting

Glamora installation at Fuorisalone 2020

As a relative newcomer to the scene in 2010, Glamora has been prolific in their production of high-concept, high quality wallpapers. This year, they debuted the austerely named Collection XI, exclusively made from their patented GlamFusion technology, which affords wallcoverings with waterproof properties. Thematically, this collection embraces the motifs of humid environments; representing a variety of natural environments or aesthetics that evoke water-related environments such as the Mediterranean, the seafloor, tropical islands, etc.

Florim – The Secret Garden

Display of “Sensi de Casa Dolce Casa” in Florim’s flagship store
A collaboration between Florim and Matteo Thun gave way to the collection “Sensi of Casa Dolce Casa”, which had as its main focus an evocation of strong sensations of homeliness, well-being and harmony through interior finishes. To showcase the collection’s rustic simplicity, Matteo Thun and Antonio Rodriguez designed an installation at Florim’s Flagship store, where the entirety of the space’s floors and walls are composed of tiles from the Casa Dolce Casa collection. The open interior, the subtle neutral colors, the careful use of greenery and light result in a skillful integration of nature within the existing architecture.

Cedit – Renting a Room at Hotel Chimera

Cedit Exhibition: Hotel Chimera, at the Fuorisalone 2020
Florim’s contributions to this year’s Fuorisalone do not end at just beautiful installations, as they took the opportunity to unveil their new collection: Hotel Chimera. Elena Salmistraro brings forth a marvelous collection of graphic themes and motifs, with the aim of traversing through the design styles of different eras and fusing them into the eponymous “Chimera”. The result is a surreal collection that manages to combine a heterogeneous mixture of elements and evoke a dreamlike environment, that is both foreign yet familiar.

Zanotta – Back to Emotions

Zanotta exhibition at Fuorisalone 2020
Zanotta’s exhibition is one that focused mainly on returning to its roots, meaning a callback to its more authentic and intimate designs. By interpreting the ideal of a real-world home, they attempt to combine a variety of approaches to ensure a usable and sustainable home environment, while ensuring a sleek, contemporary design. While the number of products that are showcased are eclectic and varied in nature, there is a single connecting thread between them that denotes a feeling of emotional attachment between the users and the space itself.

Salvatori – Anima: The Brutalist Bathroom

New Anima collection by Salvatori
Salvatori are no strangers to breaking conventions when it comes to natural stone and its uses; seeing potential where others don’t. Anima, their new collection of bathroom and home accessories is an apt characterization of their forward thinking, combining the permanence of stone with the discardable nature of home complements. The result is an eye-catching installation that harnesses the unique coloration and veining of stone, and gives an amorphic, fluid form to a conventionally rigid environment.

Boffi, DePadova and ADL – The Triple Threat

Boffi, DePadova and ADL exhibition at Fuorisalone 2020
Boffi, DePadova and ADL are three brands in the forefront of their respective fields and this year they have chosen to combine their new collections, to give a comprehensive home experience to its viewers. Choosing the kitchen and the dining room as the centerpieces for the installation, each brand then provides their own distinct voice for the space, resulting in the epitome of contemporary Italian interior design with ADL’s sleek partitions, Boffi’s state of the art kitchens and DePadova’s elegant furniture.

Bisazza – Fornasetti Leaves His Mark

New collaboration between Bisazza and Fornasetti
The mosaic masters at Bisazza for the first-time have set up an installation dedicated to their collaboration with Fornasetti. This collection is composed of four mosaic patterns, infused with the unique Fornasetti touch that has taken the design world by storm. The four patterns, while distinctive in design, are composed of the same design techniques, deftly blending sixty different shades of color to conform a masterpiece of Italian design. The patterns themselves also portray the familiar Fornasetti trademarks through a new medium, such as “the gaze through the keyhole” and the “the face of Lina Cavalieri” which showcase the same motifs he utilizes in his other works.

Mutina – Mattonelle Margherita

Mutina showroom – Mattonelle Margherita collection
The new Mutina showroom welcomes the new vibrant universe that is the Mattonelle Margherita collection designed by Nathalie du Pasquier, which is the audacious combinations of differing styles and philosophies. Evoking both the feeling of traditional Italian finishes with more contemporary flavors, this collection provides a great variety of colors and uses while maintaining itself within the confines of a similar design framework. By experimenting with the varying aesthetic declinations and combinations, one can make any kind of design tailored to one’s tastes, be it simplistic or unorthodox.

Paolo Castelli – Green kiss and Inspiration

Paolo Castelli exhibition at Fuorisalone 2020
Paolo Castelli resumes his yearly participation in the Fuorisalone by exhibiting his personal works and implementing them in unique and stylish installations. This year, he has chosen to portray the elegance and beauty of his products while implementing while he calls “ethical design”, ensuring that the products conceived in the collection express the functional and aesthetic aspects of the furnishings while engendering a renewed sense of positivity and empathy towards the environment. This results in an itinerary of rooms that are furnished in such a way to show the evolution of the conception of elegance in Italy throughout the years.

Pedrali – New Ideas

Introducing “New Ideas” Pedrali´s newest collection
Pedrali decided to use this year’s iteration of Fuorisalone to unveil a prolific new selection of products for its annual collection. Aiming towards providing quality products for all facets of a home, the new collection contains every known kind of seating, from ordinary chairs to pool chairs. Contrary to most exhibitions, these were revealed through the digital Fuorisalone, opting for a more idealized representation of their products, which were displayed in vibrant, pastel-colored promotional photographs that highlight the playfulness and versatility of their products.





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