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In this project, we had the opportunity to work with Lance McCullers Jr., the iconic pitcher for the Houston Astros, who was looking for an innovative concept for his new coffee bar in Texas.

In our proposal, we fused elements of the industrial style, such as exposed ceilings and pronounced metal ducts, with rustic details, such as textured siding and wood components. All under a contemporary look that seeks to endure over time.

The color palette is based on beige and brown tones, creating a warm atmosphere for diners. In addition, we integrated green accents that, although contrasting, refresh the interior of the establishment.


Desarrollamos la propuesta en coherencia con el concepto de la marca, que busca brindar una experiencia significativa desde un café durante el día hasta disfrutar de tragos sociales por la noche.

Para lograr esto, creamos un esquema adaptativo con la barra Day & Night, donde un cerramiento corredero permite transformar el espacio en una zona de cócteles o una cafetería según sea necesario.

A highlight in this section is the use of Tecnografica’s Alabastro backlit panel, a collection inspired by the timeless elegance of marble, which enhances the veins, colors and peculiarities of these materials.


Structurally, the project was based on a pre-existing building that was previously a shed. In addition, we created an urban planning proposal around Maven, taking advantage of a parking space to create a recreational area.

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