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In this corporate project, we took advantage of the structures and ducts exposed in the ceiling to create an industrial decorative style, renovated with a modern aesthetic reflected in the complementary furniture.

For the color palette, we selected a neutral base that includes colors such as black and white, especially on walls and ceilings. In addition, we used green as an accent color to convey calm and serenity in the space.


As for the choice of materials, we used a walnut-effect synthetic melamine composite for the walls, in order to guarantee warmth in the offices. For the floor coverings, we selected Marazzi’s SistemN surface, an innovative porcelain stoneware made using environmentally friendly production processes.


Within the design guidelines, we have established an open concept in work areas, strategically zoned by Novamobili’s Pontile bookcase. This bookcase is characterized by its adaptability and easy modulation within the space. This decision was based on the client’s future need to expand work areas without having to remove walls or enclosures.

The client specifically asked us to locate the management offices adjacent to the windows to take advantage of the natural light and the panoramic view of the city. To optimize daily activities, we integrated Float’s Archiutti series of desks, which include smart accessories and durable surfaces.


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