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The Bar TM project in Houston, Texas, is an epitome of opulence and sophistication in interior design. This luxurious bar, located in a prestigious hotel, is characterized by its elegant and sumptuous decorative style, reflected in every detail and finish.

The client desired a bar that was not only luxurious but also exclusive, with a night club on the second floor accessible by a private elevator. This requirement presented a significant challenge, especially given the structural and spatial constraints of the hotel. However, the design team overcame these difficulties, achieving an optimal layout that maximizes the use of space and enhances the customer experience.

To achieve this luxurious aesthetic, a color palette focused on warm, rich tones was incorporated, with deep browns and black marble, complemented by accents of sophisticated blues. This color scheme creates an ambiance that is both cozy and upscale. Amber lighting adds a warm, enveloping glow, enhancing the atmosphere of luxury and comfort.

Similarly, the materials used in Bar TM are of the highest quality and have been meticulously selected to reflect the exclusivity of the space. The bar, clad with Tecnográfica’s Stardust backlit technology, is a true work of art in terms of interior design. This cladding is not only visually striking but also incorporates innovations in lighting and material. The backlighting provides a subtle but effective glow that enhances the texture and color of the cladding, creating a stellar effect that is both modern and attractive.

Complementing the richness of this material, the ribbed Noce Canaletto wood adds an element of warmth and texture to the design. This high quality wood, with its fine grain and warm tone, contrasts magnificently with the hardness and dark tones of the materials used. The grooved grooves in the wood introduce a tactile texture that adds an element of interest and sophistication. This combination of wood and marble creates a visual harmony, where the freshness and modernity of the materials are balanced with a sense of comfort and coziness, making Bar TM a place where luxury and comfort meet in perfect symbiosis.

Finally, Norr11’s Studio sofa stands out for its flexibility and innovative design. It is ideal for a dynamic environment where comfort meets functionality and its ability to modify the shape and size of the sofa ensures that it fits the space perfectly, offering visitors comfortable and stylistically coherent seating. In addition, its contemporary design and quality construction make it a luxurious and durable addition to bar furnishings.

Bar TM es, en su conjunto, una sinfonía de lujo, diseño innovador y confort, un lugar donde el estilo sofisticado y la funcionalidad se fusionan para crear una experiencia inolvidable en el corazón de Houston.

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