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Project Completion: Novo 92

Design Group Latinamerica relies on more than 15 years of experience in the creation and execution of architectural projects within the scope of residential, commercial, corporate and hotel sectors; materializing a universe of increasingly versatile and personalized styles and spaces. Following this philosophy, our latest contract residential multifamily project was carried out in Colombia: Novo 92.

A “tier 6” project located in Bogota, which relies on a construction area of 5600 m2 (totaling 20 apartments), Novo 92 was fully developed in a comprehensive and personalized manner. This was accomplished by implementing European products of the highest quality thanks to our wide net of allied brands.

All of the apartments that encompass this project were conceived with personalization in mind, adapting not only to spaces and their functionality, but also to the tastes of each one of the clients; including in some cases complementary furnishings”,

remarks Michele Casarin, director of Design Group Latinamerica.

Our multidisciplinary platform of specialized professionals allows all the protagonists in the construction process to work in tandem and under a singular methodology. This permits that the design, selection, procurement, installation and supervision of each project phase, is executed in an effective manner and with a substantial reduction in production costs.

“Our specialty is to develop three dimensional architectural experiences, while delivering them at a high standard of quality and in a reduced timeframe; allowing us to develop 20 personalized projects simultaneously thanks to our wide range of products,”

states Michele.

Likewise, our contract administration system allows us to manage in an automated manner, all of the procurement, import and unloading processes for the products and materials involved in the project; all within the estimated timetable. This guarantees efficient logistics that not only optimizes costs, but also minimizes wait times and unforeseen events.

DGLA is presented as a new offer for promoters and developers who want to excel in the marketplace and build memorable spaces that invoke a sense of emotion in their clients. With us, not only will you be able to develop versatile projects, but you will also count on a multidisciplinary platform of professionals that will facilitate its execution.

The benefits are listed as follows:

– Your company will stand out in a competitive marketplace by offering a fully comprehensive project.

– Thanks to our commercial alliance with more than 300 European design brands, we count on a wide range of products, allowing us to develop innovative designs with the highest standards of quality and full personalization – all at factory prices.

-The complexity of coordinating numerous suppliers, specialists or employees would be avoided, seeing as you would receive all the necessary design, acquisition, construction and project management services by relying on our multidisciplinary team. You would receive all the technical and logistical support necessary to materialize any project, guaranteeing a favorable time/cost effectiveness relationship, efficient logistics and optimal delivery dates.

– We adjust to the project’s budget, since thanks to our platform we can manage thousands of products, allowing us to elaborate a balanced design which considers aesthetics and cost; optimizing investment ranges.

– As our ally, you would receive benefits from product sales in each project we develop together.

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