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by | Feb 26, 2020 | News

The start of a new decade inevitably makes way for a significant amount of new grand proclamations about new trends, cultural shifts and absolute realities from top experts. Nonetheless, in Design Group there is only one thing for certain: we want to focus on offering optimal solutions for our spaces, so as to design them to meet the standards of satisfaction and comfort for all of its users.

Based on this premise, the General Director Ario Casarin chooses to establish a series of design directives this year instead of outlining a series of trends to follow. This involves DGLA fomenting the creation of spaces which utilize well-being as a motor for the future.

Residential Proyect, House Sakan, Valencia, Venezuela.

Simple and Proportional

Interior Design goes beyond the complementary elements which carefully compose the interior of a space. The balance and proportionality of each area play an essential role in spatial functionality; a factor which has a considerable impact within the spaces that envelop us.

Residential Proyect, House Sakan, Valencia, Venezuela.
In Design Group, we fervently believe in the power of our environment and the effect on the subconscious. While it is difficult to recognize, the decisions taken on the aesthetic level have a documented effect on your emotions and perceptions. This is why we emphasize the search for authenticity and balance in our projects.

“More than a piece of furniture or a lamp, the space itself must be able to stand on its own. We have much experience in determining what is the ideal balance for a space, establishing beforehand the size, color, texture and distribution. My goal is the achieve this feeling of visual equilibrium in every room we design, ” comments Casarin.

Authenticity, Simplification and Comprehensiveness in Design

If anything is a source of pride, it’s our high degree of personalization in each one of our projects. A key part of our philosophy is to develop a fully intimate space which is able to project a high level of introspection as well as a tangible reflection of the desires of each of our consumers. “We want our clients to create their spaces as if they were their own personal works of art. To enter their homes and have them feel tranquility and well-being,” stated Ario Casarin.

Additional to the legitimacy of spaces, in 2020 we will search for the simplification and comprehensiveness of our designs: clean lines composed of reduced silhouettes with a concise color palette. Casarin believes that Design Group’s philosophy must be nourished by form, luminescence and the essentialness of the materials: highlighting the art behind the products and creating, before anything, spaces for refuge and comfort. “We have studied that if we utilize a low number of products of high quality and visual impact, we find a better and more elegant result,” states Ario.

Proyect Apt D9 PHA, Valencia, Venezuela.

Fomenting Environmental Responsibility

Due to the environmental emergency, society is more conscientious regarding the development of a committed sustainable design. As a result, we feel the responsibility to incorporate new strategies that promote sustainability in interior design.
Rofigreen – The one of a kind modular system designed to improve the energetic efficiency in buildings. Torino The Number Six.
All of our products fulfill the CE (European Certification) requirements which guarantee that all of the procured products were created through energy efficient means; taking advantage of the potential that ecology has on the economy’s social innovation.
Nonetheless, minimizing illumination’s energy usage is a fundamental characteristic for a sustainable home. This is why we implement LED lights in a strategic and effective manner, seeing as they are more energy efficient, have significant durability and satisfy a variety of needs in regard to illumination.
Another fundamental factor in our projects is the implementation of cutting-edge technology. We identify and select the most energy efficient home appliances, which is an influential category in terms of energy usage. Likewise, a project’s automation is key to remotely control and monitor the proper functioning of a home’s systems, resulting in substantial savings in both energy and costs
Despite of what was previously established, we want to continue investigating the relevant strategies to facilitate the transition towards more sustainable production and consumption habits. This involves taking decisions related to the energy performance during design phase and educating our clients to appreciate its value in a responsible manner
Active Clean Air & Antibacterial Ceramic – The only floor and world ceramics in the world that can permanently and continually erases pollutant molecules. Bologna, Italy.
FMG Natural Stones – Stones fabricated with a very advanced production process that possesses the strictest environmental protection regulations.





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