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Extended confinement has ushered a seismic shift in the way we view and utilize the spaces within our homes. Until recently, the longstanding dominant architectural current in construction was geared towards the aperture and integration of spaces. Completely open environments offered flexibility to any design when reconfiguring spaces and allowed users the effective coexistence of individual activities and social interaction. Nonetheless, in a world racked by pandemic, where distancing has become the new norm, the need to reconfigure and zone spaces within our own home has become increasingly apparent; requiring a level of privacy and integration that conforms to each activity.

While there is an existing need to privatize certain areas, it is unproductive to employ an obsolete methodology to achieve this objective; on the contrary, the trend is to refine spaces with innovative partition systems which establish hybrid environments and versatile spaces formed by personalized needs. The sliding panel Is one of the options whose value has increased within the market due to its functionality and beauty. Many of these contemporary partitions rely on not only an extraordinary technical virtuosity, but they also integrate functionally and aesthetically into architectural spaces; guaranteeing the fluidity between spaces and maximum synergy between areas.

Line Sliding Door, Adielle Porte

Where will these contemporary partitions be implemented?

Previously, sliding doors were commonly implemented as a way to isolate the kitchen and adjacent spaces, seeing as it’s important to maintain a full plan integration while eliminating the possible nuisance of odors originating from the kitchen. Nonetheless, as has been previously expounded, these contemporary partitions will soon be implemented to privatize social areas which previously enjoyed breadth and openness. Due to confinement, many users have been forced to configure improvised domestic offices in dining rooms, personal leisure rooms or even the main living room. This drastic transition generates a friction between its cohabiting users, seeing as some enjoy certain kinds of recreational activities such as exercise, while others require maximum concentration in order to execute their responsibilities with precision. As such, the implementation of sliding doors filter distractions and creates acoustically protected environments in which the users can isolate with ease.

Following confinement, many users have been forced to set up makeshift home offices in dining rooms, intimate living rooms, or even the main room.

Residential Project Mallorquina, Maracaibo, Venezuela

Examples of Contemporary Partitions

Materials that can be easily disinfected and are permeable to light such as glass, are particularly functional and permit a visual integration without compromising the acoustic isolation. Its unique characteristics make it an irreplaceable material within the industry; including its ability to completely adjusting to the principles of environmental sustainability and the optimization of the distribution of natural light. Our allied brand, Glas Italia, provides an ample array of highly valued options within the market thanks to its recognized admiration for glass’ aesthetic purity and their focus on avantgarde design.

Shezarade Spin Revolving Door, Glas Italia

Nonetheless, if it’s a priority to obtain full visual and acoustic privacy, there are aesthetically expressive proposals that provide an architectural value to any space. For example, Rimadesio, proposes innovative solutions that rely on extreme simplicity and elegance, which is only overshadowed by the high technical and functional quality of each one of its pieces.

Daimon Sliding Door, Rimadesio

Likewise, there are certain characteristics which we can consider ideal in order to achieve continuity. Cutting edge partition technology proposes discrete solutions where the doors integrate stealthily within the walls through the usage of aluminum frames, which besides being 100% recyclable, is quite lightweight and durable. This characteristic can allow for the easy transformation of the space in order to satisfy the moment’s needs; creating smaller and more intimate spaces when required without sacrificing the sense of continuity and minimalism within the project

Residential Project Apto S3, Maracaibo, Venezuela

Despite the potential changes in architectural paradigms in a post pandemic world, a good interior design always considers the need for privacy and an adequate articulation within each environment. To achieve this, especially in projects that lack space, we recommend the implementation of these contemporary partitions that not only provide an easy access between rooms and promotes multifunctionality and environmental adaptability, but also count on unique characteristics that result in the perfect balance between user’s needs and cutting-edge technology.





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